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Follow this team of zombie hunters as they battle hordes of undead in an attempt to save the last remnants of the human race. Action, drama, suspense, humor, guns, and gore! Updated every Monday and the occasional Thursday.

Dead Winter is an action-filled modern fantasy/sci-fi horror story about a post- apocalypse living-dead zombie infested present-day world.

Strange creatures have appeared in Innsmouth and awaken dark and terrifying powers within Charon and Becka McKay. Only the Shadowgirls can stand against this ancient threat. UPDATED MWF!

In an alternate future a hidden war rages between humanity and the very things of nightmare.

Detectives Kate McAllister and Mike Stuart hunt the streets of Chicago for a savage nocturnal killer, but do they search for man or beast?

NOCTURNAL ESSENCE is an urban noir blended with a supernatural thriller and a healthy dash of Greek and Arthurian mythology. The vampire and werewolf underground of Chicago finds itself in the middle of an unfolding prophecy, triggering open warfare with hunters and mages for the first time in centuries.

Classic horror meets a spy thriller in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting.

1990s Zombie Dance Fever!

A girl finds herself in a new world full of monsters, conspiracies and other weird things: primary school.

A weekly serialized graphic novel about a zombie outbreak on an airplane.

Elsie Hooper is set in sleepy small-town America, in the fictional town of Campbell Falls, and follows the progress of Ridley Hooper from the morning he wakes up to find the streets silent, sunless, and infested with strange creatures referred to as 'shadowmen'.

LAST BLOOD (Couldn't find a banner)

After zombies take over the Earth, vampires must protect the last surviving humans so they can live off their blood.

Everyday Decay is a story about living in the undead world. Its the story of Dorian and Emiko, two lovers who struggle to make it in a world overrun by zombies with nothing but wits and TyTy, a pet Papillion. Its these two refreshing characters alone which make this comic worth reading in the first place.


Welcome to Cornerstone City. For years, monsters of all kinds have made their homes in Cornerstone. So much so that Vampires openly walk the city streets, Werewolf gangs roam the back alley ways and Zombies are often seen selling knock-off watches on street corners. The city and its citizens have learned to adapt and accept that Witches, Warlocks and Demons from hell share their city. Meet the Special Situations Task Force. A group of Police Officers and Detectives brought together to handle any and all "Special" situation crimes involving the arcane. A Task Force made up of Vampires, Werewolves and more... The Midnight Shift


The lovely waterscape and city of Kellwood attracts more than tourists...the sprawling woods nearby are teeming with demon activity, and nestled right in between is the small cabin where Charby and his friends live. Charby is no ordinary vampire, and as he is slowly discovering his powers, something shifty is going on in them thar woods... what will be his part in it all? A comic with a little bit of everything except explitives and nudity! The excessive violence will probably more than make up for that. Putting the "laughter" in "slaughter!"


Vampires... Creatures of the night that prey on humans, seeking blood and spreading their curse to create more vampires. Undead beings that are burned by the light of the sun and defeated by the holy light of god; they can be killed by a wooden stake to the heart, they are harmed by silver and cannot stand garlic. Souless monsters that exist to torment and destroy human lives... or so they say.

A dark shadow has fallen upon the world of Tymaera and demonic evil stalks the land. In its way stand an ill-fated trio of misfits thrown together by fate. Question is, are a cursed black dragon, an Undead werewolf and a half-fay exile capable of turning back this darkness when they're haunted by shadows of their own making? It's hard to be a hero when you're a monster...

Danielle Dark is the story of a vampire trying to fit into mortal society. She, along with other supernatural beings, finds out that it isn't easy.

He's a new weapon. He's a monster. He's a child. He kills. And he wants to escape. Ciran's the perfect weapon. From his birth he has been trained to hunt and kill. With his vampire powers he is strong and dangerous. They thought he was perfect.. But they didn't know he wanted freedom. And when project 397 Ask Ciran to escape whit her. He has to choose. Trust and loyalty or freedom.

Lamashtu, Sumerian demon and the First Vampire, has hidden herself behind many lives. Currently she is Laila McCarthy, Professor of Ancient Cultures. On a military-led artifact recovery mission she faces the forces of an old enemy. Studying the relics with a handsome agent of the Bureau of Evil Elimination brings her ever closer to danger.


An urban fantasy about a witch, Chelsea Chattan, who is also afflicted by an ancient family curse. In times of stress she transforms into a black panther. This, coupled by her increasing magical power, makes having an ordinary life rather challenging. The stories deal with supernatural themes mainly, but also creep into the realm of normal everyday life.


Working in the shades the Demon Slayers protect us from evil forces.Enjoy de adventures of Memaatre the fallen angel and Ian the Nephilim in a series of short stories all tie by a cruel destiny.


John Braker is a vampire hunter from our time resurrected to the future to hunt down the legendary vampire that robbed him of his daughter's life.


Vampires, werewolves, mythical beasts, cybernetic machines and humans wage war for dominance other the earth. But in the end, only one race can survive.


Zed's Dead and has his soul tucked away in a suitcase. He's trying to find a way to put it back where it belongs with the help (sorta) of an imp named Pixel. They are being hunted by The Dread Baron Astor and his legion of Zombies and Spider-like Monks, who want his soul for their own evil plans.