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JAKE> Jake’s the kind of guy who takes no nonsense, except for his own “brand”. He and Bob were exiled from their home planet and dimension during the dark ages of earth, because of a prophecy which says that something bad will happen which will destroy the kieroe race, if the two stay. During the centuries, he and Bob have been doing mercenary work in secret, because of bigotry. Like witchcraft and other sorts of misunderstanding. Today, they are still doing the freelance thing, but this time they have an agent, named Jacob, to find them work and advertise without giving out secrets to the public. They wear real-looking human disguises, when they’re in public. These are the kind that they wear together, because of their size. As a kieroe, he has green blood that has a special property, which for centuries has been called “THE ELIXIR OF LIFE”. Jake has “more then human” strength, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes, senses, and healing ability. He has a weapon called the mystical photon gun. The gun is bigger then him, but thanks to his kieroe strength, he can handle it. The gun’s ammo is mystical energy which brings out an awesome impact and can burn thru things, if it’s on the correct setting. Inside the gun, is a portal which leads to a pocket dimension filled with mystical energy, which means that the gun never runs out of ammo, unless the portal component is damaged. Jake wears a gun holder which has a box on the back. The gun shrinks and phases into the box. Jake has a father named Ed, and a mother, named Sassy, who is a dreaca. The dreacas are a cousin race to the kieroes. The two races are very similar, including the “elixir of life” blood. His father is wise and calm, while his mother was aggressive and tough. Guess which side he takes to the most? As a small hatchling, he saw his mother get killed by enemy necrons and that has affected him ever since, but he keeps it in. Bob happens to be his cousin from his father’s side. A kieroe’s, and dreaca’s, eyes are sensitive to bright light.

BOB> Is the kind of guy which seems shy, but when angry, he’s like Chris Farlay. (The guy from Saturday Night Live.) He’s a talented mechanic and driver, as well as a demolition expert. He wears a backpack which has a pocket dimension in it. This allows virtually unlimited storage space. Bob has all the natural abilities and senses of a kieroe. (see Jake) He has a father named Eric, like the owner of “Eric’s place”, and a mother named Grace, who is Ed’s sister. (Jake’s father) Bob has two brothers and a sister.

Note: The reason that the kieroes have human names, because they’re not human names in this universe. Jake and Bob are not the first kieroes to visit earth and it’s had an affect on human history, but stories have called them elves or leprechauns.

ERIC> A human who owns a bar called Eric’s place. Usually bikers stop here, but there are three types. (1) The regular type, who “sometimes” don’t bother anyone. (2) Watchers, people who gather knowledge from their travels. (3) Vampire, werewolf, and whatever hunters. This allows Jake and Bob to be themselves. No disguises.

ZAREAN> She’s a vampire sorceress who was in the middle of a ceremony which would perhaps give her almost unlimited power. This was interrupted when a vampire attacked her and killed her by draining her blood. This wasn’t the end, because she rose again as a vampire. Now the problem is, she can’t complete the ceremony without a life-force and she is now undead. 38 years later, she finds the vampire who attacked her and destroys him. For centuries she has been trying to find a cure for her vampirism. During the 5th century, she meets another immortal of another kind. A cloaked man who was once called Zosimos. An alchemist from Panopolis, Egypt. Once a female kieroe visited this now ancient city and befriend the royal family. The man, who was once known as Zosimos, discovered what was special about the blood of this strange visitor and his hunger of eternal life made him betray the kieroe. He got the eternal life, but a curse to go with it. The past, present, and future were all the present to him. He could see a time before his birth and a time which hasn’t come. From him, Zarean learned of the two kieroes who will come and believes that they may be the means of curing her. Zarean has all the abilities and weakness of a vampire. She also has skills in magic and alchemy to the highest level. By using the vampire’s ability to turn other’s into vampires, she has built a small army of servants. One of them is named Fang.

GENERAL FRANK STRANN> The head of the S.N.K. “Supernatural Killers”, a military hate group focused on the extinction of everything that is part of the supernatural. General Frank Strann’s face is somewhat disfigured, because of demons who tortured him while he was their prisoner. That was the day he lost his sanity and made him found the S.N.K. The S.N.K. has many “branches” around the world.

LIEUTENANT SANDRA> A woman who blindly follows General Frank Strann.

UTIMATE MAYHEM> Twin brother to Mordred and unknown son to King Arthur. Mayhems’s mother cast a powerful spell called the Armageddon spell which can only be used once and can never be used again by the person who used it or anyone else. A spell so powerful, that Mayhem may be truly unstoppable. Mayhem has a beef with Jake and Bob.

SIMON> An agent who looks for and gives mercenary work to his clients.

JULIE> Simon's Half-sister and a reporter for the tabloid called Beyond The Natural. She rather work for a respectable paper and believe that two clients of her big brother's are the key of getting there.